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About Human Resource Job

We believe in everyone’s right to make the most of their lives, independent of nationality, color of skin, gender and sexual preference.

Who We Are

We are a US company with most of our team in Singapore & India. We have data centers in the US and the Netherlands, and paying customers in 160 countries. We provide a global service.

We Are Enablers

We believe that globalizations and entrepreneurship are the key drivers for making this planet a better place. During the past 20 years these drivers have actually removed half of the world’s extreme poverty.

Our Vision

By empowering candidates in the most desolate corners of the world we hope to help them achieve their dreams, while also contributing to a better world.

An Amazing Team

Our HR & Development team in Singapore & US develops and manages our System which is installed in high security data centers in California and Amsterdam. Our customer support team is located in Singapore & India